Lunch at Medita במסעדת מדיטה - medita, ירושלים

menu מסעדת מדיטה - medita, ירושלים

מדיטה - medita


Eggplant Sabich
eggplant cubes, chickpeas, tahini, pickled lemon,
grilled onion and hardboiled egg
Greens salad
mixed herbs, lettuce, roquette, colored cherry tomatoes,
seasonal fruit, crispy shallots & macadamia nuts
Fried cauliflower
tahini, tomatoes sauce and sumac
Jerusalem salad
chopped tomatoes, Spanish onion, coriander, spicy pepper
and pickled lemon
Liver paté
served with tomatoes fennel chutney and crostini
Beef carpaccio
roquette, "Alla Romana" artichoke, garlic confit,
candied almond & balsamic (additional NIS 15)
Salmon tartare
and mango cream chipotle and crispy shallots (additional NIS 20)

Main dishes

78 ₪
in porcini mushrooms stock, mushrooms, truffle puree, asparagus and "Alla Romana" artichoke
Quarter of chicken
78 ₪
in soy-chili sauce served with Egyptian rice
Chicken liver
78 ₪
onions and chestnuts in red wine and sweet potato cream
Crispy chicken breast
78 ₪
with mashed potatoes
Entrecôte burger & fries (250 gr.)
76 ₪
Veal asado
110 ₪
in barbeque sauce with orange & ginger. Served with coleslaw salad
Entrecôte steak 250 gr. & fries
120 ₪
Seared seabream
120 ₪
with sautéed greens, cauliflower cream and chili jam
120 ₪
in Asian vinaigrette, roasted kohlrabi, sweet potato, and pickled
Shimeji mushrooms
Additional Goose liver NIS 80