MENU במסעדת מדיטה - medita, ירושלים

menu מסעדת מדיטה - medita, ירושלים

מדיטה - medita


Bread and dips
24 ₪
tahini, eggplant cream, spicy olives, olive oil and tomatoes
Eggplant Sabich
48 ₪
eggplant cubes, chickpeas, tahini, pickled lemon, grilled onion
and hardboiled egg
Sweetbreads Fattoush
76 ₪
warm salad of roasted vegetables, fried pita bread strips
in sumac and pickled mango chutney tahini
Greens salad
52 ₪
mixed herbs, lettuce, roquette, colored cherry tomatoes, seasonal fruit, crispy shallots & macadamia nuts
Jerusalem salad
42 ₪
chopped tomatoes, Spanish onion, coriander, spicy pepper
and pickled lemon
Liver paté
52 ₪
served with tomatoes fennel chutney and crostini
Beef carpaccio
62 ₪
roquette, "Alla Romana" artichoke, garlic confit,candied almond & balsamic
Seabream ceviche
68 ₪
with mellon, cucumber, mint and gin vinaigrette
Goose liver
89 ₪
on waffle with toffee and black pepper sauce

Main dishes

Seared seabream
125 ₪
with sautéed greens, cauliflower cream and chili jam
in Asian vinaigrette, roasted kohlrabi, sweet potato, and pickled
Shimeji mushrooms
Corn ravioli
80 ₪
in porcini mushrooms stock, mushrooms, truffle puree, asparagus and "Alla Romana" artichoke
Crispy gnocchi
124 ₪
goose liver, smoked goose breast & veal sweetbreads in beef stock on cauliflower cream
Chicken breast supreme
98 ₪
with dried apricot and cashew tabula salad & roast dried peach
Entrecôte burger & fries (250 gr.) *
76 ₪
Fillet mignon steak
148 ₪
with crispy Polenta, mushrooms ragu and red wine sauce *
Entrecôte steak & fries *
148 ₪
Veal asado
112 ₪
in barbeque sauce with orange & ginger. Served with coleslaw salad
* (Additional Goose liver NIS 80)

Tasting menu

upon order by all guests at the table
NIS 250 per gest